Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator Joins MOA

Nana Watanobe (right) participated in WFU’s World Cultural Festival with the MOA.

This summer, MOA welcomed Nana Watanobe to the Museum.  Nana will spend the next two years with MOA as a ...

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MOA Completes Renovations

The Museum of Anthropology completed two renovation projects this summer.  The first project included the demolition of all the built-in furniture in the front desk area, the installation of a ...

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Mexican Papel Picado

Mexican Papel PicadoPapel picado is a traditional Mexican folk art of colorful tissue paper cut with intricate designs.  Artists string the individual papers to form banners that are used for a number of holidays ...

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Zuni Fetish

This small carving, known as a fetish, came from the native people of Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. The bear is a depiction of a Zuni animal god, which, in fetish form, holds the spirit of the ...

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Bedouin Rug

This Bedouin rug was purchased in Amman, the capital of Jordan, but made in the ancient town of Madaba. Bedouin weavers make many items suited to a mobile life including rugs, pillows, and other ...

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