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MOA exhibits and resources can be useful to a variety of different disciplines. See how other faculty members have used MOA in their classes by exploring the links below.

WFU Spanish classWFU Collections Class


Artifact Overview and Presentation
Classification and Dating
Database Worksheet
Rocks and Pots Lab


Empire and its Objects Assignment
Silent Witness Assignment
African History Assignment


Doll Assignment

The Museum staff also works with interns in Anthropology and other disciplines.  Explore the links below to lean about their projects:

  • Shannon O’Hanlon, Anthropology, Spring 2013 – Blog
  • Minori Egashira, Art History, Spring 2013 – Blog
  • Markecia Koulesser, Anthropology, Fall 2013 – Blog
  • Grace Wang, Business Enterprise Management, Summer 2013 – Video Project Summary (WFU ID & password required)
  • Kelly Edwards, Anthropology, Spring 2013
  • Yidan Fu, History, Fall 2012 – Blog
  • Demone Jackson, Anthropology, Fall 2012 – Blog
  • Kathryn Rohlwing, Anthropology, Fall 2012 – Blog
  • Keirah Carmichael, Anthropology, Fall 2012 – Blog
  • Ella Douglas, Anthropology, Spring 2012 – Journal
  • Ryan Thompson, Anthropology, Spring 2012 – Journal
  • Ashley Whitten, Anthropology, Spring 2012 – Blog