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The Day of the Dead

Life After Death: The Day of the Dead in Mexico

September 16 – December 12, 2014

Day of the Dead Candle HoldersDay of the Dead Exhibit










MOA’s annual exhibit includes information about the celebration’s history and its unique folk art.  The centerpiece is a traditional Mexican ofrenda: a home altar with sugar skulls, colorful tissue paper cutouts, food and beverage offerings, marigolds, and photos of deceased relatives to honor the dead.  A children’s ofrenda and a digital photo essay illustrating different aspects of the celebration are also on display.   The Days of the Dead, an ancient religious celebration that originally honored children and the dead, has evolved to feature blend of ancient Indian and Christian elements.  The celebration is considered a festive time when family members remember and honor their dead and the continuity of life.  The exhibit features text in English and Spanish.