Spring Semester Interns Wrap Up Their Projects

Three Wake Forest students completed internships in the Museum during the spring semester.

Junior anthropology major Ella Douglas worked with Museum Director Stephen Whittington to learn about museum exhibit theory. For her project, she developed an exhibit based on the Salgo Collection of saddle rugs and saddles from across Asia. The exhibit will open in the fall.

Ryan Thompson, also a junior anthropology major, studied museum education under Educator Tina Smith. Ryan overhauled the Museum’s North Carolina archaeology outreach kit to create a more organized structure for the objects included in the kit and provide additional lessons for teachers to use. Registrar and Collections Manager Kyle Bryner instructed Ashley Whitten, a senior anthropology minor, on the topic of library and archival science. Ashley reorganized the Museum’s library collection, a project that included moving all of the books to a central location, creating a database for the books, and repairing damaged books.

The Museum staff enjoys teaching and working with students in the one-on-one manner that internships allow, and they look forward to working with more students in the 2012-13 academic year.

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