WFU Interns Begin Work at the Museum

Yidan Fu working with Chinese ceramics

Intern Yidan Fu unwraps Chinese ceramics from the Lam Collection

This semester, four Wake Forest students are completing internships with the MOA staff.  Each internship includes a study of anthropological literature as well as a hands-on project.

Museum Director Stephen Whittington is supervising junior history major Yidan Fu as she conducts research into the Lam Collection of Chinese ceramics.  Yidan’s research will be the foundation for a new long-term exhibit featuring the ceramics, which will open in 2013.

Two students are working with Registrar & Collections Manager Kyle Bryner.  Demone Jackson, a junior anthropology major, and Kathryn Rolhwing, a senior anthropology major, will research and create an exhibit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Museum of Anthropology in 2013.

Museum Educator Tina Smith is working with Keirah Carmichael, a junior anthropology minor, who will create lesson plans and activities for two of the Museum’s outreach kits, as well as learn to present one of the Museum’s K-12 curriculum-based programs.

The interns have created blogs to document the progress of their readings and projects.  They can be accessed via the following links:

Yidan Fu Blog
Demone Jackson Blog
Kathryn Rohlwing Blog
Keirah Carmichael Blog

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