Conservation Fundraising Focuses on Yoruba Object

House of the HeadBGnewsIn November, the Museum launched its annual campaign to support the “Save Our Hide” Conservation Fund.  This account allows tax-deductible donations to be set aside to restore important artifacts to their former glory so they can be placed on exhibit, furthering the Museum’s mission to provide opportunities for intercultural learning.  This year, the Museum staff selected a Yoruba object from Nigeria known as a house of the head, or ile ori, as the focus of the fundraising drive.  The Yoruba believe that the head is the seat of a life force that determines a person’s essential nature and destiny.  The house of the head shrine is designed to contain a person’s inner spiritual essence.  It is the center of rituals and offerings to ensure good fortune and an ideal fate.  The Museum’s house of the head is made of cloth embellished with colored glass beads.  Due to its condition, it must be stabilized before it can be exhibited for the first time.  The help of our patrons is essential to completing the conservation of this artifact.  Please contact Sara Cromwell at or 336.758.5282 if you are interested in providing financial assistance for this important project.


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