MOA to Open New Permanent Exhibit

Stories of Humanity
Anthropology is the study of humans.  It is a big topic, including everything from basic biology to complex cultures.  The topic is so vast that anthropologists specialize in one of four subfields just to make sense of the diversity within their discipline.  Each of the subfields—biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and anthropological archaeology—have a different focus, and its anthropologists have developed unique methods for investigating humanity.  These investigations take place everywhere, including right here in North Carolina.  In the Museum’s new permanent exhibit, visitors will learn how anthropologists work together to tell stories of humanity here in our own state.

After more than a year of planning and several months of construction, exhibit curation, and installation, the exhibition, titled Stories of Humanity: Anthropology in North Carolina, will open on February 20.  MOA Friends are invited to attend a special preview reception featuring North Carolina cuisine on February 16.

The Museum staff is extremely grateful for financial support from the Wake Forest Department of Anthropology and individual donors who made this project possible.  The new exhibit will allow the Museum to better educate students of all ages and the general public about the many types of anthropology and contemporary work being done in the field.


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