MOA Collaborates with Libraries for On the Same Page 2019

Speak No EvilThe Museum of Anthropology is proud to be collaborating with the Forsyth County Library system for their On the Same Page community read initiative, which asks everyone to come together around reading and discussing a book that takes on complex issues and provides rich material for discussion.  This year, the selected book is Speak No Evil by Uzodinma Iweala.  Throughout the month of September, the MOA will provide a variety of programs relating to West African cultures in library branches across the county.

Programs for Adults

Family and Kinship in West Africa
Are family and kinship the same thing? Learn how different cultures in West Africa define family and what is meant by kinship.
•  Monday, September 16, 3pm at Rural Hall Library
•  Monday, September 16, 6pm at Malloy Jordan/East Winston Heritage Center

Who are the Igbo?
Who are the Igbo? Where do they live? This lecture is an introduction to the culture of the Igbo people in Nigeria.
•  Thursday, September 19, 2pm at Clemmons Library
•  Thursday, September 19, 4pm at Lewisville Library

Gender and Sexual Fluidity in West Africa
How is gender defined? How do you define sexuality? These are questions being talked about and discussed every day. During this lecture, learn how gender and sexuality are defined by different cultures in West Africa.
•  Monday, September 23, 6pm at Reynolda Manor Library
•  Wednesday, October 2, 6pm at Central Library

Programs for Teens

Kola Nuts, Anyone?
What are Kola nuts? What do you do with them? Why are they important? Teens will learn the answer to all these questions as they see and handle objects from the Igbo people in the Museum’s collections.
•  Friday, September 6, 4:30pm at Lewisville Library
•  Wednesday, September 11, 4:30pm at Central Library
•  Thursday, September 12, 4pm at Clemmons Library

Want to Wrestle?
Want to be the best man in town? Are you the best wrestler? Why is wrestling so important? Using objects from the Museum’s collections, teens will learn about the Igbo people of Nigeria.
•  Monday, September 16, 4:30pm at Central Library

Programs for Children

The Ruler’s Crown
A king or queen always needs a crown. Using objects from the Museum’s collection, children will learn about the culture and beautiful beaded crowns of the Yoruba people in West Africa. With a variety of materials children will create and decorate their own crowns.
•  Monday, September 9, 4pm at Rural Hall Library
•  Tuesday, September 10, 4:30pm at Lewisville Library
•  Friday, September 20, 4pm at Paddison Memorial Library (Kernersville)

A Tuareg Bag
People use bags and pouches to store and carry their possessions. Children will have the opportunity to see and handle objects from the Museum’s collections as they learn about the nomadic Tuareg people of West Africa. Using a variety of materials, children will create and decorate their own pouch.
•  Wednesday, September 18, 4pm at Central Library

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