Summer Programs

For 2018, the Museum will present four Cultures Up Close workshops designed for ages 10 to 16.  The workshops will take place from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Monday afternoons.  The fee is $25 per student per session, with a discounted rate of $20 each for attending two or more workshops ($20 and $15 for MOA Friends).

Pre-registration by emailing or calling 336.758.5282 is required.  Space is limited.

Cultures Up Close: Puppet Play

June 25, 1-5pm

Puppets aren’t just children’s toys.  Around the world, puppets are used to teach, inspire, communicate, and entertain. Looking at puppets from MOA’s collections, participants will learn about the different types of puppets, why they were created, and how they are used. Participants will create their own stage and a set of shadow puppets from a variety of materials.

Cultures Up Close: World Music

July 9, 1-5pm

From the United States, to China, to Africa, music is a universal language.  Participants will learn about world music by listening to, seeing, and playing instruments from across the globe in MOA’s collections.  Using a variety of materials, participants will build their own unique instruments.

Cultures Up Close: Dance Traditions

July 16, 1-5pm

People around the world have used dance for thousands of years to express emotions during celebrations and times of hardship.  Looking at videos and accompanying dance regalia from MOA’s collections, participants will learn about traditional dancing from around the world.  Participants will use a variety of materials to create their own dance regalia.

Cultures Up Close: Masks Revealed

July 23, 1-5pm

Using masks from MOA’s collections, participants will have the opportunity to examine different types and styles of masks from around the world.  While studying the masks, participants will learn their origin, purpose, and how they were made.  As part of the program participants will create their own mask using paper, yarn, beads, raffia, paint, markers, fabric, and feathers.